— Gerard Way.

“Anyone who understands how standing in a crowd of sweaty people, elbow to elbow, screaming along to the words embedded in your heart, can give you the most happiness ever needed. When you’re shoved against a sea of bodies and you don’t know what sweat actually belongs to you or your neighbour, you can barely breathe and in that moment, your favourite song starts playing and you forget about everything: all you’re concerned with is the melody, rhythm, and beat of the song. All you care about is singing your heart out and knowing it’s okay to love something maybe a little too much as long as it’s real to you.”

Postat av: issa

jag börjar nästan lipa för att jag saknar dom så mycket, åhh

2012-01-18 @ 13:47:43
URL: http://openupmyeagereyes.blogg.se/
Postat av: Linda

Underbar citat, och så sann också!! Texten i bilden är också bara sann!

Sv: De gör man.. verkligen.

2012-01-18 @ 18:47:31
URL: http://thepainoflove.devote.se
Postat av: Lovisa Andersson


2012-02-07 @ 08:31:44
URL: http://femtontio.blogg.se/

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